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August 4, 2004
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We are Kremlings by elazuls-core We are Kremlings by elazuls-core
Cuz, well, there isn't enough Kremling love around from what I've seen, I was way inspired by a chat I had with skitzopath, involving our adoration of the reptilian rascals of the Donkey Kong Country series, the Kremlings. So, I drew this picture of her (tall one) and me (small one) as members of the Kremmy race. D=
Probably doesn't look like we are very Kremmy at all tho. xD I found it to be kind of hard to duplicate the way that they look, so I modified my process a li'l.

Some time soon, we'll be a part of the Mario series' Bowser family too, once either or (hopefully!) both of us make a piccy. ^o^
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Nice looks for you.:) You have any favourite Kremlings? I like Krook -> [link] , Klank -> [link] , & Koin -> [link] the most.
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Very cool pic! I also like the Kremlings!
Oh man sure I remember these. Donky Kong Country has to be one of my fave platformers on the SNES. This is just awesome Kens, even if tehy are a lsight bit different from the usual kremlings, it still keeps the feeling. It's just they look more true animal-like, in the game they were more cartoonized. I love the faces too, they look just like true kremlings. Tha paws are also greatly done. Really good work, man, very orginal as well.
Excellent! :)
Thank you so much, buddy!
The DK series has been a pretty fun one. I've followed it throughout the SNES era, but afterwards, I didn't play any of the new stuff, like the Nintendo 64 game, but, I think that I would probably still favor the SNES ones over that, anyway.
I could have done better with this piccy, now that I look at it again, but, ah well. It was fun to try Kremling fanart or some sort!
I played it quite a lt in the snes era as well. A friend of mien showed me DK 64 tho. It seemed pretty nice, plenty of references to previous DKs and gags in the Rareware fashion. It even had the original Donkey Kong from the arcades xD. And not only but Solar Jet as well XD. I still prefer 2D all the way, tho. Call me an oldskooler :).
And don't worry about the pic, it's already awesome :). Glad you had fun with it. :)
squee! I love them! lol
skitzopath Aug 5, 2004
Yuss, power to the Kremlings! They're not evil, they're just misunderstood. I bet they wouldn't have stolen the Kong's bananas in the first place, if the Kong's were willing to share. Those meanies. It's all the Kongs' faults.

ANYWAYS, to the pichur. A very awesome pichur, indeed it is. You're such a cute lil Kremling, and I'm...I'm huge (which is a good thing, as being short can be irritating at times. It's like...::reeeeach::) and all, RRR-ish. :B Mrrrr. But you've got quite a way with designs and stuff. I only hope that my half will be worthy of your eyes, as this has definitely been very pleasing to look at. It's like...::staresforever::. o.o Yuss. Oh man...this is such an awesome piccy, and step one for the huge Kremling take-over! X) Kremling luff <3<3<3 they have a Kremling Klub on DA? Would definitely be interesting to have one. X)
Thank you. ^^
Yah dewd, the Kremlings seem ta be nice and carefree people, just a li'l territorial is all. They mind their own bee's wax and play on roller coasters of doom, sail the seas on pirate ships and stuff, then here comes that lumbering ape DK and his friends to invade their hang outs, for what, bananas! You can find those anywhere out on DK Island. It's just the audacity of those simians that's horrid and cruel. ;_; Actually, I like them too xD but Kremlings get no love at all and they're really cool which doesn't seem right.

Ohhh, I didn't consider that a Krem club would exist actually. If I were to see one, I'd join it sure enough, they'd probably have some killer fanart too.
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